As we are about to count down from the first day of Christmas, we need to think ahead to the first days of the New Year and do our best to avoid the scary credit card statement. Or perhaps if you are living without credit, you might not know yet where the money is going to come from. Maybe budgeting is the last thing on your mind when thinking about Christmas. Unless it’s using the statement “blowing the budget.”

But the boring old budget might just be the best present that Christmas can give when the time comes around to open up that credit card statement. No need to hide from the postie or avoid checking your mail until you’re ready to face the music. Lets go! YAY Budget!!

 First things first…..

List all your normal expenses. Rent/mortgage, power, phone etc. You know the drill. If not, you need to go to our earlier budget blog and get sorted. Then come right back……..

Christmas Budget

Doing your budget?



Are you back yet….





I truly am waiting for you….

Christmas budget

Finished your Christmas budget yet?

Ready, set, spend! No wait…what?

Good, now you’re sorted with your normal expenses and you know what money you have left over to work with, lets make a plan. What kind of Christmas do you have in mind? Big family affair; small gathering; headed out for Christmas? What about gifts? Who do you have to buy for? Who don’t you have to buy for but feel obligated too?

Now that you have these things in mind you can do your research and find some savvy bargains. If you’re planning a big family affair, why not make a menu and ask each person to put their name to a meal to bring. Make a people present list and farm each out into pairs to gift to each other instead of everyone buying presents for everyone else.

Ideas a plenty and we could go on and on. But we wanted to share this super ladies blog with you. Mary Hunt’s Everyday Cheapskate is where it’s all at when it comes to doing Christmas on the cheap. Check it out, you won’t regret it. What are your Christmas planning ideas? Please share them with the rest of us. The savvier we get the less stressful Christmas can be financially.

Tra la la la la…….on the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a path to becoming debt free.

Sing it people!!

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