Dealing with the debt threat

If you make a choice to stay unclear on your financial details and not look at the bills or not really stay in touch with your loan repayments, your subconscious mind will keep your debt on its threats list, keeping the anxiety at the forefront until its satisfied the details have been dealt with.

debt plan

Formulating a debt plan will ease your anxiety levels and reduce your financial stress.

Reducing your debt may feel out of reach for you right now but reducing your stress should be top priority. You can reduce your debt stress with a simple biology lesson.

Stress is a side effect of your body perceiving a threat. In this case the threat is to your financial security. If you are not looking at your financial situation in a clear way your subconscious will be alerting you to something that needs paying attention too.

You can subdue your subconscious mind by taking these two steps.

Step 1.

debt plan

Taking a cold hard look at your finances in a cool state of mind will help you make better financial choices.

Get your facts straight. Lay all your financial paperwork out on the table. Crunch the numbers, write them down. If this is a bit overwhelming for you then you may want to read our blog on Stress Reduction Before Managing Finances.

When you’ve been avoiding taking a cold hard look at your financials you might experience more anxiety than usual when you do step towards taking action. There are no guarantee’s that your anxiety will be immediately alleviated after you look at your paperwork, if anything it will probably be warranted, but at least you’ll know exactly where you stand financially and you know what they say, there is only one way when you’re at the bottom; up.

Step 2.

You can now make tangible decisions to move forward by researching options or talking to someone who knows something about finances who can explain what will happen over time with your bills, loans, expenses etc. Thus allowing you to alleviate your anxious subconscious mind by formulating a debt reduction plan, allowing yourself to feel in control. Even if your plan is over the span of your lifetime, you will feel some relief that you actually have a solution, even if it needs improving, at least you have started. You can always talk to a financial counsellor, research the net, take a look at what Debt Cutter offers or talk to a friend in the know for other debt reduction solutions. But as long as you have a debt reduction plan of what you need to do as a minimum then you reduce the feeling of being out of control.

I bet there are other steps you can take to start working through your plan. Join the Lets Talk About Debt community conversation and share your steps. Or leave a comment on this blog post.