Paying down debt can seem never ending. But when you think about the freedom you’ll feel after paying that last dollar I’m sure you get a little pick me up to keep going. We’re going to pose a question to you: Can you go harder?


Is there any way you can change your mind to become challenged to pay off your debts faster? If you are already in that mind frame you know what we’re talking about. That strong determination you’ve arrived at after you’ve gone through the darkness of overwhelming debt. You have set your goals, have a debt free plan in place and are now on your journey, budgeting, tracking and smashing those debts into oblivion.

If you are not in that head space yet take this opportunity to take the challenge. Imagine yourself debt free. Find that happy space and really anchor it into your consciousness. But don’t stop there. Getting debt free isn’t magic. You have to get there with action. Write down what your debt freedom image is, cut out pictures, or print ones out you find on the net that represent that idea of debt freedom. Then get planning! And if you are already on the journey but need a motivational boost, this is also for you!


“I don’t know what or how to plan.”


Do the simple things first to get the energy flowing. Visualising what it means to be debt free and setting your goal. Use that as a small step to ignite your motivation and drive. Making that feeli

ng strong will help you to overcome the negative emotions associated with tackling your finances so you can truly achieve your vision. You wont get there straight away but with determined action and a clear answer to the “why” you can do it.

Basic CMYK

Imagine your financial target, set a SMART goal, aim using a plan and step by step you’ll reach financial freedom.

If you’ve been in a funk for a while you may need to really push yourself to do this. The next step is taking action. Acting will create a momentum that will help keep the flow of positive thoughts. If you feel yourself going back into your debt funk, do things related to maintaining financial freedom to regain that feeling of financial control e.g. go over your budget, insert all your purchases into the tracking spread sheet. Research different strategies to achieve your outcome.

When you’ve done all these things and know them back the front and you feel you are starting to feel that next funk, that you’ll never get out of this even though I’m doing all the right things, don’t walk away, take the challenge to up the anti on your debt reduction. Go harder! Think of ways you can cut the financial fat or gain ways to pay down quicker. Research debt reduction strategies. Can you get part time work? Can you work from home turning your hobbies into an income generator? Can you do extra hours at your current employment? Are there things you can do without and sell them to throw that money towards your debts?

We have some ideas you can start with, but reading inspirational debt blogs can be a great source of ideas for faster debt reduction also. Use the momentum to feel empowered instead of a victim of your debt circumstance. Start to view the situation as a challenge to overcome and let it take you higher.

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