Managing your money is part and parcel of living everyday life. Whether you manage it well or badly is a choice you make. Mis-managed finances can lead you into a world of stress and trouble that can take years to resolve. Leaving you trapped in a nightmare of financial slavery. However, the choice to be slightly enslaved once a week to manage your finances well can mean the difference between being living financial stressed or living financially free.

Don’t know how to budget, challenge yourself to learn


It is often said that you don’t know something until you know it. Schools don’t teach financial responsibility and if our parents weren’t the best money role models then chances are you’re not going to be so flash at managing your money either.  “I never learnt and I never had good financial role models” we hear you say. Sure, but that’s why you need to choose to learn this stuff for your future self. There are so many courses to help you gain the skills to manage your money, online and through MoneySmart financial planners. Some very good courses are available for free.

Why not start right now? 

We have a spreadsheet available for download where you can start filling in your budget and tracking your expenses this very minute. The choice to manage your money via a budget is a sensible one. It means spending time looking at your incomings and outgoings. But it’s worth that to make a start on getting into the habit of taking responsibility for your finances. The end result is a much better understanding of where your finances are. If you are not keen on spreadsheets, check out what your bank has to offer online.  Most banks have online budgeting apps that extract all of your expenses automatically into their tool to give you a running start.

It’s not easy to start something new. It takes courage and determination to keep at it. But after a while you get that familiar feeling and a sense that you are now making progress and understanding the process. When this happens it doesn’t seem so daunting and you also gain a sense of satisfaction that you followed through on your commitment to yourself. And if you haven’t made that commitment yet, come on do it now.

Choose freedom from anxiety over freedom from responsibility

Managing a budget is essential for managing financial stress and making informed financial choices. It will help you make achievable realistic financial goals and give the ability to fulfil dreams and reduce the emotional turmoil that’s felt when you are unaware of where your money goes. Choosing your freedom when it comes to finances really comes down to two choices.

  1. Choose to be free of any responsibility, thus allowing your money to remain unchecked; or
  2. Choose freedom from anxiety and discomfort by spending time each week maintaining your budget.

If you are not motivated yet or have severe budget resistance, have a read of 9 strategies for dealing with Financial Stress and Stress Reduction before Managing Finances.

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