My husband and I decided to purchase a house, we did not realise I was pregnant until the day we moved in. Having to go down to a single income (due to our baby being born) with a mortgage and two personal loans we began to accumulate debt on credit cards just to get by, as our house was not worth what we paid we could not sell. We just kept accumulating more and more debt.

Then my husband became unemployed for a few weeks and the car needed repairs. Eventually we had built up debts of over $42000 and we had no money to spare so we were not making the repayments, and as a result we were being hassled every day to make our payments (I did go back to work when my son was 4 weeks old but it just wasn’t enough). We tried to obtain help in the form of payment extensions and hardship assistance for our mortgage.

I saw an AD on TV for Debt Cutters and I figured it was worth looking into it. We agreed it was the best option. However in comparison to our debts even with a debt agreement our income was not enough, the only way to be approved was to have my mother in law supplement our income with an additional $210 per week. But we did and after struggling for 4 years paying $214 per week we have retained our home and now have no other debts.

I am so grateful that as a young (unplanned) family we were not forced to lose our home. I was very happy with Debt Cutter’s customer service and the flexibility Debt Cutters offered me and my family. Depending on your circumstances I would suggest to someone who is deciding whether to use Debt Cutter or not that if you cannot pay the amounts that they owe Debt Cutters can make a debt free existence achievable.”

Cassie, Logan QLD