If you were to do three simple things to knock your debts down faster what would they be? We asked around and found these few were the best, simplest, can do right now, options for reducing your debts fast. By NOT spending extra on these, the money could go towards paying down debts instead.

  1. Meal planning and online grocery shopping
  2. Changing your electricity carrier to a cheaper provider
  3. Changing your phone carrier to the best plan for your usage and ditch the home line

Meal planning then shopping online


BUDGET HACKS: Meal planning is a sure fire way to save money on your budget. Ordering your shopping online also saves on impulse purchases and buying things you won’t end up using.

Not everyone is a fan of meal planning. But consider, how many times you’ve gone shopping, bought stuff you don’t need but bought it anyway, because you just do, right? And what about all the food that’s gone off in the fridge because you didn’t eat it? It might be left over broccoli or a slice of pumpkin or even the half bag of bread. We are all guilty of it but if we are honest with ourselves it all adds up to throwing out money.

If you make meal planning simple then it’s not so bad. Try having a theme for each week night. No, I don’t mean dress up as a Mexican every time its taco night. Although if you are into it then by all means, go for it.

What I’m suggesting is:

Sunday: Chicken

Monday: Crock pot

Tuesday: Pasta

Wednesday: New (just pick a recipe from the online store and have a crack at it for something different)

Thursday: Soup/salad depending on time of year

Friday: Maybe an easy one for end of week like toasted sandwiches or have a BBQ

Saturday: GYO. Get Your Own. Great for teenager families, not so good for little kids. They tend to get their own all over the floor and bench, couch etc. So, insert your theme here. Maybe this is your dressing up Mexican night.

The idea here is to choose what your dish is for the week ahead. The night is already themed so the choice is narrowed down to “Ok, what chicken dish do I feel like.” When you have your dishes planned then look in the fridge and cupboard to see what you already have. Then jump online and buy all the things you need.

Almost every super market now delivers. If you purchase over a certain dollar figure it’s free delivery. But if not you can also pick it up already in boxes for you to just pop straight into the car. This takes away the issue of impulse purchases and buying things you are not going to actually use. Save, save, save with this one tip.

Electricity choices

You may not know it and it is definitely not information shared by the dominant energy providers but you can source your energy through other providers. Check out this comparison site to see if you have a competitor offering to sell you energy at a cheaper rate in your area. Not all locations are available yet, but it is only a matter of time. You could save yourself a few hundred dollars depending on your current energy use.

Make an informed choice by watching this amusing short vid.

Phone services

This is a big one to save money on. Mobile phone usage has increased to a point where having a landline is just not necessary for many. But the number of people who keep their landline connected is surprising. You could save yourself $420 a year by disconnecting your home phone. Not an option for everyone, you may have a life threatening illness and have a special connection. DO NOT cut your landline if that is the case. But if that’s not your situation have good hard look at your mobile usage and see if you need your landline.

Mobile plans are so varied but there are many options that can work for saving money. Free calls to same service mobiles or between 6pm and 6 am or bonus credit for calls and text. One provider offers a no obligation plan, where you pay for what you use and the extra rolls over into the next month. If you don’t use it in that month then you don’t pay for it. You can even get bonuses for defecting to another carrier. One company offered a 2 gig data bonus for two years if you changed over. Incidentally, they also offered the no use no pay offer. Those great offers are out there. Just an internet search away.

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