Sing: “On the 16th day of Christmas my Debt Collector gave to me. A notice to become debt free.”

Even putting those words to song can’t stop the shivers down the spines of those who are really struggling with debt. Those trying their hardest to bury their heads in the sand and just enjoy the holidays can’t stop the big bad wolf from knocking on their door. Even at Christmas.

Debt Collectors

Debt Collectors joining you at the Christmas table this summer?

Debt collectors have a job to do and a notice to become debt free may have a nice ring to it but the reality is grinch if you don’t have the money to comply with their terms and clear your debts. Debt collectors have guidelines they must adhere to (you can read about them in an earlier post we shared on your rights when it comes to debt collectors) and they won’t stop just because it’s the festive season and everyone should be jolly.

You may need help to sort out the financial pinch and even though you may have tried many different options and come up with nothing, it might be time to see a financial counsellor. If you’ve seen the financial counsellor and they provided you with options that seem even scarier, like bankruptcy or a debt agreement, it can help to talk to people who administer those types of solutions.

Communicating with providers can ease your mind about the severity of the choice and help you decide if the option is the right solution for you. Choose organisations that don’t put you under any pressure to sign anything immediately. Even though a Debt Agreement can stop creditors from knocking on your door it is important that you make the decision to move in that direction with a clear mind. And not under pressure by employees driven by incentives to sign you up.

Going into the Debt Agreement process will hold off the debt collectors while you work with the support team to create a budget to repay your debts in a manageable way. This might be the reprieve you need over the Christmas break. A new financial outlook and a chance to become debt free could be Santa’s gift to you.

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