Marlene’s financial snapshot:

  • Marlene owed $49,955
  • Our solution saved Marlene an estimated $71,767.84 in interest alone
  • Marlene will pay off her debts 6.5 years earlier
  • Total saved = $73,622.84

The day I contacted Debt Cutter was to me the most important life changing phone call I have ever made. I now know that I can be free from all of the calls made from the various Banks.

I had tried so hard to get my financial mess sorted, Debt Cutter have now made it possible for me to see that one day I will be debt free. I felt so ashamed that I was in this out of control situation.

The day I received the text message notifying me that the application was successful, I felt such a sense of relief I cried.

My life had not been easy the past few months, my husband has been unwell and my eldest son was having problems. Helen was the first person I spoke to about my debt, she was so understanding and helpful, at the time I felt a great sense of failure and shame that I had let my financial matters become beyond my control.

Leanne became my case manager and was such a kind and understanding person with a great sense of humour and a really caring nature. I will be forever grateful to all of you for your assistance, and help and your kind understanding manner, when assisting me with my out of control debt.

Thank you so much.

  • Marlene, WA

The above example is general in nature, and quoted savings are only true in the above example and has been calculated to the best of Debt Cutter’s ability. The solution used in the above case may not suit your specific circumstances, and savings and debt reductions are not guaranteed, it is important you talk to a debt negotiator before deciding on any solution.