We’ve all seen the DIY funnies “Nailed It” versions, and funny as they are, I bet those making them were pretty chuffed with the outcomes regardless. However for every one that didn’t quite work out, I bet there are hundreds that turned out just fine and the DIY project is being enjoyed over and over.

Nailed it

DIY jobs don’t always end up as meme fodder.

So where am I going here? Well, being in debt doesn’t mean not having anything or not doing anything. With DIY websites in abundance there is so much inspiration to find right at your finger tips. And it doesn’t have to be daggy either.

Budget DIY

DIY on a budget doesn’t have to be daggy.

Check out a few of these sites I’ve found for you already.

This one I love! Amazing backyards on a budget and a lot of the stuff used can be from recycled things like pallets, wine bottles, repurposed bricks…..


What about these incredible DIY kids games?


This site would keep you busy for years….


If you make anything from these sites and want to share it with us PLEASE DO!! We really want to see it. Share it with us on the Debt Cutter community page. Or on the post below.