Most of us have been in the situation where our stomachs are churning and our heads are struggling to figure out how we’ll get through this pay cycle covering the everyday expenses let alone paying down our debts.


Financial stress can be incredibly overwhelming.

If you are barely keeping your head above water but have committed to getting financially free, then you have most likely created a budget and trimmed down out the financial fat. But if you are still only just getting yourself to the next payday, you may be starting to feel exhausted.

This financial stress can be incredibly overwhelming. Never able to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel and feeling like you are never going to ever again experience a time where you can just buy that magazine without feeling like bursting into tears from spending guilt. Or pushing away the guilt to allow yourself to have a coffee with a friend or a drink with your mates.

“Why can’t I just have a magazine?!” Is the question in your head as you walk past them in the shopping centre isle. Because yes, they sell mags in grocery stores now too. As if it wasn’t hard enough before to avoid the temptations when shopping. Now you have to be reminded of what you miss out on.

Perhaps your crux isn’t a glossy mag or a coffee with a friend. But whatever it is you feel like you are missing out on, you are still missing out. Right? What can be done when you are feeling so desperately lacking in any of life’s little enjoyments? Regardless of their cost, large or small. How can you pick yourself up and feel like there is hope and some enjoyment to be had despite the suffocating debt restrictions? We have ideas but I digress.

help_img03We’ve known this feeling and we hear it from our client’s often. It’s the feeling of hanging onto hope by the last string. It’s really hard because the string is small and thin and requires one finger and a thumb holding tight, even though they are cramping under the pressure. Seems easier to let go.

Those of you reading this will be at different stages of the debt freedom process.Those with great hopes, those holding on with great pressure, those who’ve broken, those who held on and broke at the same time. There is no one place that looks like another’s, but everyone has something to share that will help someone else on their journey. Is that you? Did you reach a breaking point and found your way out? Are you managing through a braking point with strategies in place to keep you getting through these hard times? What helped you? We would love to hear from you so we can give that gift of knowledge to others facing the same struggles you’ve faced.

This process is not easy but it also doesn’t need to be devastatingly hard. You are not alone in these struggles. So many others are going through the same process and could use the support of another who is also going through a similar journey. Reach out with your stories and we can create a community of people who are on the journey to debt freedom.

dc_header-300x93Share your stories with us below, or via our email, or on any of our social platforms. If you’re the first don’t be shy. You maybe the leak that opens the flood gates.

If you’re facing financial hardship we are here to talk about a solution. Call us on 1300 887 211 or Book a Free No Obligation Phone Consultation with our friendly team and we can discuss debt management options specially focused on your personal situation.

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