25 sleeps to go! Do you still have that Christmas wonder like a child or have the years of financial stress made Christmas a “let’s just get through it” time; using credit cards. Like so many others who are struggling with their finances it’s hard to not just do the same old thing and pull out the old credit card. Or the new one you might have just signed up for to cover you over the silly season.

Christmas credit

Savvy spending is the way to beat the post Christmas debt grind.

What’s the plan?

If you have just signed up for a new card, have you got yourself a plan? Was it a spur of the moment decision to put it all on the tab and deal with it after Christmas? Whatever you’ve got going through your head, the best thing to do is STOP and THINK. Think about the feeling you’ll have when opening up that statement at the end of January. How is it going to feel if you’ve hit the limit! Will this take you over the financial edge?

What will having another credit card do to your finances throughout the year? Will you struggle to make the extra repayments? What if you can only cover the minimum payments? And the card balance itself, are you hoping for a financial windfall to come by so you can pay it off. Are you able to pick up part time work to pay it off?

So many questions to consider when having a ‘Christmas on tic’ outlook.

What are the options? 

Christmas debt Grinch

Debt Grinch doesn’t need to spoil your Christmas when there are so many way to celebrate at low or no cost.

How about challenging your outlook and exercising your problem solving skills before Christmas by finding super savvy ways to have a debt free Christmas. The result: no extra New Year’s financial pressures and a sense of relief and satisfaction for beating the Christmas credit grinch.

Sit down for five minutes and ask yourself the questions we posed earlier.

How does spending on credit make you feel? Stressed, anxious, freaked out?

What about the seeking savvy debt free Christmas scenario; what are your feelings now? Less stressed, anxious, but maybe still a little freaked out?

The internet is at your finger tips.

If you have a budget and an idea of what you want Christmas to look like, then search your idea and add the words ‘free’; ‘on a budget’; ‘frugal’; and see what you come up with.  You will be amazed at the amazing, beautiful gifts that are possible with little money.

Please share them with us too! We can all do with a stress free, debt free, merry Christmas. G+ I Facebook I Twitter

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