Michael had a business that didn’t go very well and lost a lot of money getting behind in his repayments to the creditors. He had to close the workshop which also meant he was out of work.

“We had another baby and things just got really hard and out of hand. So my wife came home one day and I told her that I had called Debt Cutter after finding them on the internet.”

“I had credit cards from before my marriage and wanted to get those debts sorted as well. When you get yourself into financial trouble it puts a strain on everything and I believed I had found the answer.”

“I was pretty excited but also a bit nervous, the car is now at 400,000kms and needs to be replaced. I guess I was worried about how our past will affect our financial situation but with the Debt Agreement not on the credit file anymore it should make it easier to get credit.”

“I found Debt Cutter service awesome, really helpful and very informative. Any questions we had were answered immediately, we never had to wait for a call back or anything like that. We didn’t get mucked around.”

“I would recommend Debt Cutter to people and I would tell them to make sure they have everything they have outstanding. Don’t forget the little things. Be prepared and make sure you can stick to the
budget and ride it out for the five years and things will get easier.”