About 5 years ago I was working away earning good money my wife also had a good paying job, we had four children. We finally brought our dream home, a small farm about an hour and a half from Perth. 18 months later our world turned upside down when we found out that my wife had become very ill and subsequently needed extensive treatment.

In just that small time, we went from bad to worse we had credit cards, car loans, mortgage that we always paid on time but now started to struggle. We sought out help with our banks, although most were helpful one creditor was crushing with a comment, “Cry me another story, we’ve heard them all”. After a wakeup call that ‘we might actually lose our house‘ I came home from work to find my wife in tears and inconsolable.

A few days later after seeing the ads for Debt Cutter on the TV, we gave them a call. After the instant relief of speaking with a wonderful, caring and friendly lady called Denise from Debt Cutter we were finally able to see hope in our financial crisis, by being able to have all our credit cards, unsecured loans put in one manageable payment over a five year period. The knowledge and expertise of the staff at Debt Cutter was inspiring, so much so we ended the call smiling.

Just four months after we had signed up and everything was in place, my wife was at home and Denise from Debt Cutter called again to see how she was doing with the treatment.

Then last year, March 2012, my wife got sick again and all up had 6 operation last year alone, this meant we had another crisis when we received a letter in June that our Car Loan balloon payment was due in 6 months, after surrendering the car we still had a short fall. We called Debt Cutter again and talked it through, as before they did what they could to help. They were able to offer us variation to have that included in our agreement.

Debt Cutter is a person centered business that truly cares, and I would personally recommend this company as the best company I have ever dealt with as they do everything they possibly can to help you.

Leonard, WA