“I fell into the Credit Card trap, it was just too easy to keep buying stuff on the credit cards. I was just hopeless when it comes to budgeting. The credit card interest just seemed to keep going up. I thought I would tackle it by switching credit cards and transferred all of one credit card onto another. Sounded so simple, lower interest for that many months. The problem was what I didn’t do was cancel the first credit card and it was just too easy to pull it out of the purse to pay for something. Credit is just too easy, never once did they ask me if I could afford it. I just kept thinking I could take from Peter to give to Paul, but I couldn’t afford either in the end. When someone gives you a credit card they don’t ask you if you can afford it. I got a personal loan to pay off the visa cards, but stuff cropped up, like my Mother’s funeral expenses,

and half of that money went to that. In the end I couldn’t sleep at night over worrying about how I am going to pay off this debt. I saw Debt Cutter’s ad on TV and it said: “Are you afraid to answer the phone, are there bills piling up in your letter box.” I heard those questions and thought they are talking about me. So I gave them a call.

When I called Debt Cutter it was the best thing I had done in a long time, I was finally able to relax. Debt Cutter sent a consultant out to my house to help me with all the paperwork. I really didn’t know how Debt Cutter was going to do it, you know talk to the creditors, I asked myself how are they going to talk them around and work out a plan but they did.

I really went through an even worse patch when I was in a Debt Agreement, I was given a voluntary redundancy and couldn’t find work and I had fall and there were lots of Doctor’s bills and I had to pay for funeral expenses of family members. It was really hard and Debt Cutter helped me then as well they worked out what I could afford and put in a variation so that I could keep going. Never once did I feel like I was drowning like before.

I am so grateful to Debt Cutter they really stuck by me every step of the way. They helped me to cope financially. When I was down they picked me up and gave me encouragement. I mean there were times I was so stressed, my mind refused to function as I was in such a state. Debt Cutter would always listen and talked me through everything. The biggest thing I have to say is about communication, they communicated to me always about everything.

And now, I am just so relieved, I only have 3 more payments left and then I will be debt free. I feel very proud that I have stuck to the plan and paid it all off according to what I could do. I feel so happy that no one is ringing me and to know that I have money to myself now. Now that I am in the habit of paying that amount to Debt Cutter I am going to keep paying that to myself and have a savings account that I can buy things from.”

Lucy, Logan QLD