“After a relationship breakdown which left me with all the bills & rent that was too high for just me. I was drowning in debt. I was using credit cards to pay credit cards. Using credit cards to buy food. It was a never ending roundabout with no way out. Until a friend told me about Debt Cutter. Debt Cutter saved me. I was really embarrassed & scared to contact them. At first I thought they would judge me but from my first meeting Debt Cutter staff made me feel relaxed & that I had finally made a positive move forward to getting my life back in order.

Debt Cutter helped me gain control of my life and helped me to feel better about myself. I was so deeply depressed that without the kindness Debt Cutter showed me I would not be around today. After 4 years of paying off my debts with a Debt Agreement I am now debt free & will never let my finances get out of control again. If you don’t know whether to call Debt Cutter today, what I say to you is make one phone call that will change the rest of their life.”

Maree, Toowoomba QLD