Financial Snapshot:

  • Julian owed $67,958.00
  • Debt Cutter reduced his payable debt to $66,300.00
  • Our solution saved his an estimated $77,083.00 in interest alone
  • Julian will pay off his debts 5 years’ sooner
  • Total saved = $78,741.00

Life was cruising along very nicely for Julian, happily married, he had just built a brand new house, earning big money and owned three investment properties.

But then came a divorce.

After a lengthy settlement, a downturn in the property market and an ex-wife who had been living off credit cards, his finances had spiralled out of control. Things weren’t looking good, creditors were calling day and night and the stress was beginning to impact his health.

This was until late one night Julian saw an ad for Debt Cutter. He called the next day and hasn’t looked back since.

From the moment I picked up that phone and called Debt Cutter my life changed for the better. Firstly the harassing phone calls stopped instantly from the credit card companies. Secondly it allowed me to re-arrange my life back into good financial order.”

Julian was even able to sell his investment properties in his own time when the property market was doing well again and turn a profit. Debt became manageable and life was good again.

“I wasn’t at all skeptical about going into a Debt Agreement. The staff at Debt cutter explained everything to me in great detail very clearly and firmly.”

“Debt Cutter I feel provided an amazing service and were always happy on the phone and willing to help me with any queries and updates I required along the way. Even if I was running a bit tight one week and a payment was due I could just call them and explain the situation to them and they would always help me work it out.”

If I didn’t call Debt Cutter when I did my life would be vastly different to what it is now. I was at my wits end and heading towards a major meltdown. I can’t recommend Debt Cutter strongly enough to anyone who is having a problem.”


The above example is general in nature, and quoted savings are only true in the above example and has been calculated to the best of Debt Cutter’s ability. The solution used in the above case may not suit your specific circumstances, and savings and debt reductions are not guaranteed, it is important you talk to a debt negotiator before deciding on any solution.