The support and the courteous people of Debt Cutter who have assisted me in my financial dilemma when every other avenue had failed has been appreciated. I came to a point where an important decision had to be made, and I made the phone call to Debt Cutter. They took me on board no problems, fully explained the available options and the processes of a Part IX Debt Agreement. They followed through in such a professional manner that I felt totally secure that all areas of my problems and matters were dealt with promptly.

Even when one of the organisations was playing dirty, it was no problem for Debt Cutter to sort it out and keep me informed that the matter had been fixed and that the company was satisfied that things were actually under control and that Debt Cutter had sorted out the problem and it was already in their development for an outcome.

I am deeply thankful that Debt Cutter was a good choice to deal with my debt and have a satisfactory end for both me and my creditors.

– Merv, Sydney NSW