Prior coming to Debt Cutter Pania had two loans and a credit card, getting her first one around 18.

“I didn’t really understand what a loan and credit card was (lesson learned and will be teaching my kids in the future hahahha) so not being able to pay it off I moved from New Zealand to find a job here and hopefully be a bit easier to pay back my loans and credit card,” Pania said.

“When I moved to Australia things were getting worse by the month for me, the banks were wanting their money back ASAP via phone / email it was crazy, trying to get me to pay so much I wasn’t able to cope some months with everything, rent, food, transport, everyday living expenses, I was finding it really hard to try and give the bank’s their money back and live life normally, until one day a family member mentioned Debt Cutter and what they do to help those in debt.”

“So I rang Debt Cutter and asked to see someone. When I called Debt Cutter they were very friendly when I explained my situation, they said that they would try to help me out as much as they could. AND THEY HAVE. After I signed up things were looking up for me, I made it my goal to try and not be in debt by the time I get married, the last thing I needed when starting a new family was this debt weighing over me and my family.”

“Three years and a few months later I’m engaged and getting married and ALL DEBT FREE. You don’t realise that the small amount you’re paying pay’s off in the end.”

“If you are on the fence about whether to call Debt Cutter or not, what I say to you is. CALL DEBT CUTTER, I’ve been with them, I know people who have been with them, they’re so helpful, any queries you can just contact them and they’ll help you out as much as possible and they’re just the friendliest bunch, they’re very encouraging also.”

Pania, Ipswich QLD