Seven years ago both Peter and I found ourselves in a very bad situation financially. Peter had to give up his full time work due to serious health problems and I had two shoulder surgeries which weren’t totally successfully which meant that neither of us were able to work. Over the next two years we struggled to maintain our payments but just kept slipping further and further behind. The stress was just unbearable, dreading any phone calls and not wanting to open the mail, we were at the lowest point in our life.

Then one day Peter saw an advert in the back of a ‘That’s Life’ magazine and the ad sounded like an answer to a prayer. I rang up and I was really nervous about contacting them as we had lost all confidence in dealing with people.

Calling Debt Cutter was the best thing I’ve ever done and it has totally changed our life from the very first phone call I made to them. I actually felt that someone really cared about our situation and wanted to genuinely help instead of the tough businesslike approach I expected, it was like talking to a very good friend in one phone call.

They organised getting our application process, explaining the debt agreement to us in a way we totally understood, they contacted our creditors so from that point on we didn’t have any more stressful calls from the banks as they were told we were in the process of a debt agreement.

The staff at Debt Cutter were so helpful working with us during this time waiting for the government approval and being so helpful with payment for their fee to suit our finances.

We have just now 5 years later completed our debt agreement with Debt Cutter and Peter and I can’t thank them enough for all their help, care and support during that time. If I had an unexpected expense come up they were so easy and approachable to talk to and always helped with any payment changes we needed to make so we could pay the other urgent accounts.

For anybody who finds themselves in the same situation that Peter and I did 5 years ago, struggling with mounting debts that you can’t get on top of and living with constant stress I would say make the phone call today and contact Debt Cutter they are truly wonderful caring people that will help you deal with your financial situation, give you their ongoing support and most importantly give you a financial stress free life back.

We can’t put a price on the help they gave us in dealing with a financial situation we could see no end too. We are ever grateful for them giving us our life back and can now look forward to a future. To all the staff at Debt Cutter, thank you so much we would recommend you highly to anybody who wants to get out of that awful debt spiral and wants to talk with everyday people who care and understand.

Peter and Heather WAGIN WA