“About 10 years ago due to circumstances I had to change my job. The new job didn’t pay as we’ll so I came to rely on my Credit Cards. Initially I paid it all off when due but slowly this didn’t happen and the interest kept piling on. I even increased the limit at times and was using more than one card. It became a viscous circle trying to keep up with payments until I couldn’t see any way out. I tried to get a personal loan to consolidate the debt but was knocked back by the bank. It was very stressful dealing with the phone calls and trying my hardest to stretch my money every which way. I saw an ad for debt cutters and thought this might be a solution for me. Debt Cutters sent out a very nice lady to my home and she went through everything with me. I really did want to pay my debts. Still now I hate the idea of owing money. All my credit cards were cut up and I will NEVER have another one. I found the staff at Debt Cutter to be compassionate and always willing to work with me. There were times due to circumstances when I had to vary the repayments. I made sure I notified Debt Cutter and we worked together to make sure I had enough for my expenses while still making my payments. It was a very happy day when that last payment was made. I have a rule now, if I don’t have the money to pay for something then it isn’t purchased. I am ever grateful to Debt Cutter for helping me when I needed it the most.” Sue, Bundaberg QLD.

Before coming to Debt Cutter Sue had over $42,000 worth of credit card, using a Debt Agreement she managed to pay this debt off completely over 5 years.