“I am Kiwi and arrived in Australia on a special category visa. Which means that if I lose my job I don’t qualify for any Australian Pensions. So when I lost my job due to injury things just got out of control. I had never been in debt before but with no money coming in things got out of hand.

I went onto the Debt Cutter website and everything is straight forward and clear. You know it says stop creditors hounding you and this was my biggest concern so I called Debt Cutter immediately.” After Cassandra started the Debt Agreement process Debt Cutter was able to put a stop to the debt collector’s demands and resolve this issue for Cassandra.

“I have had so many hick up’s along the way even missing my last two payments, due to unforeseen issues. Calling Debt Cutter was always so easy. I would just make a quick call or email to sort things out.”

Choosing to enter a Debt Agreement instead of Bankruptcy was an important to Cassandra as she needed to be able to freely travel back to New Zealand.

“I’ve had to travel back to New Zealand a few times, which meant juggling payments and also had two job losses, with Debt Cutter it’s was so easy just having a quick chat with the friendly staff about my situation, allowing me to work out a payment plan to catch up and pay what I could afford.

I have looked at other Debt Agreement companies and have read their criteria and compared them to Debt Cutter and I would always choose Debt Cutter. If I had to give advice to someone about dealing with debt I would tell them exactly how I felt about going through this process and how much Debt Cutter helped me and would always recommend Debt Cutter.”