Financial Snapshot:

  • Cathy owed $58,091
  • Debt Cutter reduced her payable debt by $5,091
  • Our solution saved her an estimated $112,577.41 in interest alone
  • Cathy will pay off her debts 11 years sooner
  • Total saved = $117,688.41

“Before going into a Debt Agreement, I was overwhelmed and stressed with my debt. I felt like I had run out of options. I had paid hundreds of dollars in credit card bills for years, but I didn’t have any sense of direction or couldn’t foresee the goal when my debt will be paid off.

It seemed like my debt balance wasn’t going anywhere and never ending. I felt so powerless with my financial situation even though I was paying my debt on time. Debt Cutter has taken the stress off of me and I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, as opposed to a situation where it was like being in quicksand.

Prior to approaching with DC, I previously consulted couple of firms and I was rejected due to the fact that I was paying on time with my credit card bills with high interest rates and increasing from time to time. This was all until I found an ad for Debt Cutter on TV, the consultants were very professional in answering and addressing my questions and walked me through the whole process.

Debt Cutter paved the way for me to achieve financial freedom and finally set me on a path to being debt free.

I felt it was really nice to talk to someone who didn’t judge me based on my financial situation. I also felt better after the consulting session knowing I had a plan. Debt Cutter provides a world class service and I will highly recommend Debt Cutter to anyone I know who needs financial assistance about debt problems.

I would tell anyone considering calling Debt Cutter to ring as soon as possible. They’ll organise a payment strategy and negotiate with creditors on your behalf with the ultimate goal to being debt free. All I have to do is focus on one simply repayment without having to worry about so many different credit cards and due dates with the rest left to Debt Cutter.”

  • Cathy, Queensland

The above example is general in nature, and quoted savings are only true in the above example and has been calculated to the best of Debt Cutter’s ability. The solution used in the above case may not suit your specific circumstances, and savings and debt reductions are not guaranteed, it is important you talk to a debt negotiator before deciding on any solution.