Financial Snapshot:

  • Josephine owed $17,702.00
  • Josephine paid off her debts 2 years and 8 months earlier
  • Our solution saved her over $10,000 in interest!

Josephine like so many others struggling with crippling debt was in a desperate situation.

“I couldn’t keep up with my payments and it was all just getting deeper and deeper, I had a lot of stress. Then I saw the ad for Debt Cutter on TV, I rang them straight away and they helped me out.

The consultant was very informative and really helpful I had absolutely no problems going into a Debt Agreement.

At the end of my Debt Agreement I got a big smile! It’s been really good, I had problems with banks a couple times and Debt Cutter sorted it all out for me. They were excellent, absolutely excellent!

Debt Cutter helped me fix my finances. I’m feeling much better now and have a lot less stress!

Debt Cutter is a really fantastic company and if you need any help, go ahead there’s no problem. I’d recommend them to anybody.”

The above example is general in nature, and quoted savings are only true in the above example and has been calculated to the best of Debt Cutter’s ability. The solution used in the above case may not suit your specific circumstances, and savings and debt reductions are not guaranteed, it is important you talk to a debt negotiator before deciding on any solution.