Struggling financially often means you are faced with trade-offs on where to put your money, and you may feel yourself freaking out about how to get debt help. When you are already struggling to meet your payments, hiring a professional to take care of your debts may seem futile, but as a matter of fact, it can end up being the best decision you ever made. This may seem like a shameless plug for our services, which let’s be honest it is, but under this message lies a valuable truth.

Debt help can vary from receiving financial counselling, to informal debt negotiation through a third party agent, to utilising a legislated/formal insolvency option.

To those who do not know what an authorised third party is, an authorised third party is an individual or organisation who acts on your behalf and liaises with your creditors to resolve your debt issues. Although engaging the services of an agent is an additional expense, it is an expense that will yield results in your life.

What are the benefits to using a third party?

I am an expert

As an informal debt negotiator my role in the financial services sector requires me to constantly train and upskill myself so I can stay on top of the latest legislation, and industry best practice. In essence, I have trained to become a professional debt negotiator dedicated to getting my clients the best solution possible.

I want to keep you happy

Your creditor’s main concern is to recover as much money as possible in the least amount of time. Your authorised third party’s main concern is to repay your debts as fast as possible, and in the most affordable and sustainable manner for you. This means all solutions we come up with are tailored to your individual situation, and are targeted towards providing debt help, so you can get on with life.

Financial difficulty can acquaint you with a side of your creditor you never expected to meet.  You may have been banking with your creditor for a significant period of time and as such may believe that you know them. However, I can assure you when things go wrong and you begin to miss a few payments, you will see another side of your creditor, and it isn’t that nice! An authorised third party, allows you to lead a harassment free life, as all your creditors can now only deal with this third party, and not you.

I am emotionally detached

Repaying debt can sometimes feel futile, and you wish you could get just debt help! Credit repayments are intangible in nature and can sometimes feel like you are not making any progress at all. The money you spend on creditor repayments is often money that you wish you spent somewhere else. As your case manager I offer up an impartial perspective to your circumstances, and will bring clarity to your situation and present you with alternative solutions to pay off your debt sooner.

I am thinking beyond your next payment

When you are struggling financially the juggling act is one you become all the more so familiar with.  Deferring one payment to meet the other payment becomes a reoccurring pattern, and financial freedom a utopia. As your case manager, I am assessing your situation and looking beyond managing your next payment, I am here to help you reach your goals.

I am efficient

For the individual with seven creditors updating your circumstances with each can prove to be a never ending process. Managing payments to these creditors become an even bigger headache! With an authorised third party, you have one point of contact to discuss all your liabilities. You have one payment to manage, and you know all of your debts are being paid out of this single amount.

I am a listening ear

As the old adage goes “a problem shared is a problem halved” talking through your circumstances is sometimes the first step in relieving the debt related stress in your life.

For a listening ear, and an impartial voice, give Debt Cutter a call and see what solutions we can provide to you.


Chipo Hove
Case Manager of Informal Arrangements at Debt Cutter

Chipo runs our Informal Arrangements Department here at Debt Cutter. She uses her passion for problem solving to come up with personalised solutions for all her clients and their individual needs. Chipo believes anyone at any stage of life can experience financial difficulties, so she uses her expertise to come up with strategies to get her clients out of debt as soon as possible with as little stress as possible.